Awesome Australian T1 Campervan

14 04 2017

Cool split-window bus spotted yesterday on the ferry from Sorrento to Queenscliff in Victoria, Australia. Minimalistic camper with pop-up roof and rock-and-roll bed/bench, but no furniture in the back. With the larger rear window and rear lid of the late T1 buses, this kombi is probably from between 1964 and 1967. Safari fold-up windows at the front and US-style double bumper bars as nice extras. Wonder if the double sliding window in the rear right is original, or if two smaller windows have been combined here? Makes this a 12-window instead of a 13-window bus. Cool sticker: “I did my bit, I saved a split”. Good on you!





6 responses

14 04 2017

What’s up with the double air intake vents for the engine? Never saw that before. Factory, dealer, or owner modification? Nice bus!

15 04 2017

Thanks for coming by! I did not even realize that these are unusual. But you are right. Can’t find any other pictures on the web with such double air intakes. No idea if these are original or owner modification. They look pretty neat and original, though.

16 04 2017

Interesting. If they are an owner modification it was really well done, much better than anything I’ve seen before.

19 04 2017

Just found out that this double air intake is actually original/factory made: Volkswagen of Australia manufactured kombis in Australia from the early 1960ies. One of the defining features of these Australian-made buses was that they featured double air intakes, to deal with the extreme climate of Australia. Cool!

21 04 2017

That’s a cool discovery! Makes sense with the quality too. Thanks for the update!

27 12 2017

It’s the positioning of the vents that was the important thing about the Aussie spec.. Above the waistline to keep them out of the dust.
By the way, none of the side windows are original.. It’s made from a windowless van body.

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