The 11th Berlin VW Bus Festival!

16 12 2018

Another kombi overload! On August 17 me and my two wonder daughters made it to this year’s Berlin VW Bus Festival! A beautiful camping weekend, wonderful sunshine and lots and lots of buses. As in the years before, the majority of buses were the VW T3 buses of the 1980s and early 1990s, with a growing share of T4, T5 and T6 buses. And my own selection of photos is again very much biased towards the two handfuls of T2 bay window buses. Hope you enjoy the photos!

It starts with our camp, our 1976 bay window bus Taiga Lily and additional space with a big bus tent. The box on the roof rack was the favorite spot of my two little daughters this year!


There were lots of beautiful four-wheel-drive T3 syncro buses:


Couple of interesting VW bus-caravan combinations:


T3 Westfalia Joker campervan with an Eriba Puck caravan.


T5 Campervan with a tear-drop


T4 double cabin truck with the cabin of an East German QEK Aero caravan bolted to the flat-bed.

Also a couple of coach-built campervan conversions I do not see that often on German roads, based on T3 and T5 single- or double-cabin pick up trucks (the T5-based one is a Karmann Motorhome):





A Westfalia “Sven Hedin” campervan, based on the Volkswagen LT, the big brother of the VW T3 bus:

And Luise, the longest T3 stretch-limo made an appearance again, after it won “best van of the festival” at this same festival 6 years ago:

Photos of all (or at least most) of the T2 bay window busses and the one split window bus at the festival:



The festival takes place on the site of a old Russian army airfield. The runway is used each year for a fun race over the quarter mile:


T3 double cabin racing a Schwalbe (East German scooter) on the quarter-mile race track.


And it ends with a show and shine event on Saturday evening where everyone is invited to bring their buses on the stage, give a quick intro on its special history or conversion details, and the van of the year is then judged based by the intensity of the applause of the crowed. This year, the two yellow T3 buses below, which drove over from Poland and Russia, respectively, made the first and second place!



Finally, the bag with goodies that you received at arrival contained something pretty cool: This VW-dedicated set of Leipniz bisquits, which covered the first five VW bus generations, see below.





6 responses

16 12 2018

Looks like a great show! We’ll be over in Germany next summer and I’m hoping to find something similar going on somewhere. And those snacks! How awesome 🙂

4 07 2019

Sorry for not getting back earlier. Are the plans still up to come over this year? Hope I haven’t missed you. Do come over to Berlin! The Berlin VW Bus Festival will happen on August 16-18, 2019. Best, Roman

5 07 2019

HI Roman, Yes we are headed your way. First London, then Italy, then a wandering route from Munich to Prague to Berlin. My wife’s brother is living in Berlin at the moment and his wife’s family lives in Prague, hence the route. Estimate is arriving in Berlin around July 24 or 25. We leave the 28th back to the US. Any chance you might be around then? Be cool for the families to meet or see Taiga Lily.

18 07 2019

This is such a pity. 6 days ago we started with the family for a two-and-ahalf week camping holiday with Taiga Lily to the island of Ruegen on the German Baltic coast. And if all goes according to schedule, we will only be back in berlin on the evening of Sunday, July 28. So we will most likely miss each other. What time will you be leaving to the airport in Berlin, on July 28? Best wishes, Roman

19 07 2019

Ah, too bad we’ll miss each other. I believe our flight is pretty early on the 28th. I’ll try again when we come visit my brother-in-law in Berlin. Hope you all have a great vacation – looking forward to the blog post 😀 Cheers,

2 05 2019
Suresh Vijay

I have been following your blog for a while. Really love Taiga Lily! Nice name too!
Recently got our VWT6 and now in the process of getting converted into a camper. Inspired by Taiga Lily – painted in two-tone white + Taiga green L63H!
Really excited and looking forward to it! Got another 6 weeks before we get it! Haven’t thought of a name yet!
Thanks for a great blog!

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