I am a VW bus enthusiast based in Berlin, Germany. In mid 2010 my wife DrJ and I bought our second bus, a 1976 T2b which was off the road for 7 years. This is the story of bringing Taiga Lily back on the road. In addition, you will find snapshots of VW buses spotted all over the world and news and gossip about the VW bus (or kombi) in general.

Status of Taiga Lily at the end of 2011: She got a new engine and her German roadworthy certificate in January 2011. Over summer, a new petrol tank and front windscreen were put in and I completed the interior by insulating all walls and replacing the original but very shabby wall and ceiling covers with plywood. In November 2011, she passed her classic car examination (H registration, “historical vevicle”). Plans for 2012: Further complete a number of details (exterior and interior), and fit in a rock and roll bed/bench in the back so that we can use her for camping trips.

Taiga Lily at project start: Already re-sprayed, but not yet reassembled fully.

End of 2011: Taiga Lily completed and on the road again.

We also have not yet abandonned our first kombi, the Old Lady. She is a 1978 T2b VW bus which I bought in 1995 as a panel van and then step-wise rebuilt into a campervan. For the moment, rust has become so bad in several places that a full renovation is too expensive. But she is now put aside in a dry and safe place and I hope to get her back on the street some time in the far future.

The Old Lady, in May 2010.

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