Air-cooled VW garages

Below is a list of workshops where the people know what they are doing when they work on air-cooled Volkswagens. Just the ones I know personally, so very limited, but perhaps still useful if you have a problem and happen to be close to one of them.



Not exclusively focused on Volkswagens, but they did great work on our bus Taiga Lily and usually on at least one more splittie or T2 bus when I pop by with our bus.

[The Beetle Clinic, – closed in 2017…]

Close to Nuremberg:
The Boxer Shop,

Between Dresden and Berlin:
I don’t know these guys yet, and their web page still looks a bit preliminary, but hey, why not give them a try if you are close by:
Die Bulli Klinik,

Close to Hamburg:
Another one that I do not know personally yet, just stumbled about their web page (Jan 2013):
VW Bus Service, Firma B. Mamero,



Specializing in Old Air cooled Volkswagens
Frank Sikora
8 Mc Leod St
North Geelong, VIC 3215
phone 0420 798 318
See also this blog post.

But: Moved to new location in Geelong, in about 2017! Still need to find the new address…

Wolfsburg Automotive, no web page, address:
17-21 Seaforth St
North Shore VIC 3214
1300 370 310
(1300 number means one can call from any Australian fixed landline for the cost of a local call – not sure whether it works from outside Australia)

New Zealand

The Muffler Shop, no web page, address:
17 TaraPuhi St, Greymouth 7805, phone 03 768 5905, ask for Allan Gibson

7 responses

28 10 2012

This is Billo, owner of the VW Short Bus. I live in West Bloomfield, Michigan…just outside of Detroit. I want to thank you for linking my site on your blog! That was very kind of you. If you and your family ever visit the U.S., make sure to stop in Detroit. I’d be happy to show you around. Also, I’m going to link your blog on my web site.

Be well, my friend…

Billo & the Short Bus

4 11 2012

Dear Billo, thanks for your kind feedback and for the invitation! Love to take you up on it some time in the future. Do also let me know when you are around Berlin. Would be a pleasure to show you around here. I hope that you and your family have survived hurrican Sandy without major damages. All the best, Roman/Campervancrazy

15 01 2013
Bret Blakeslee

Dear Sirs,

I am looking for a pair of front door air channels / arm rests for a 1969 Type 2 Transporter. Do you have them?

Bret Blakeslee

15 01 2013

No, none of these at hand. Sorry I cannot help!

20 02 2013

Dear Bret, one of those arm rest sets is on ebay in Gemany right now:
Says it’s used and defect, but perhaps still ok-ish.
Best wishes,

26 11 2015

Hello, I just bought a quality model corresponding to a VW COMBI T2 from 1978 ( it is a toy in scale 1/24). This is a gift for my father. I want to paint it with the color green “L63H taigagruen”. do you know where I can get this small amount painting ? Thank for your help 😉

26 11 2015

Hi, probably the only way to get true Taigagrün is to go to a car paint shop. In Germany these shops can mix any car paint color for you if you come with the relevant color code, here L63H. They can then prepare different consistencies, for spraying or for painting with a brush. Probably best if you went to such a shop and ask them for advice. Hope this helps! Best wishes, Roman

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