The T3 vanagon arrives in the ads!

26 02 2017

There is a new ad by the Dutch bank ING-DiBa which, for the first time, sports a T3 vanagon! The german line translates roughly into “car loan for people with their own mind”. So far split-window buses dominated ads and TV commercials for many products. Some years ago the T2 bay window buses appeared on the stage as well. Now it seems the T3 has also been recognized for its emerging coolness factor. Seeing that about 99% of the Berlin kombi club members are proud owners of T3s, I have also warmed up to them over the years. With the engine in the rear and the very early T3 buses still with air-cooled engines, they are certainly much closer to the splitties and bays than any of the later generations. In certain parts of “cool Berlin” you would see several T3 vans parking in every street, often as self-made campervan conversions. If only because the T2s are now so rare and expensive that the T3s have become the affordable entry ticket into VW-bus based campervans. Judiging from the high wheel houses, this one is probably a Syncro (4-wheel drive) and also not a factory-built campervan. The roof rack with canoe and ex-army aluminum boxes completes the “camper-credibility”. And it even does not hide the little problems that come with such old cars (rubber sealing at the sliding door is partly out of position). Nice!



PS: In 2013 ING-DiBa had a TV commercial campaign staring a T1 split-window, along the lines of “Make your dream come true with a car loan. Get yourself a split-window bus.”, see also this older blog post. Below a screen shot and the link to the commercial on Youtube



Brazilian Bay advertising for Ireland

2 02 2015

Just found this on German television: The Irish tourist authorities ( advertise Ireland’s 2500 km of Atlantic coast with a beautiful blue and white late bay campervan. Which is in fact a Brazilian T2c late bay bus, see the air intakes for the water-cooler at the front and the more T1- or T2a-like front and rear bumpers. Haven’t seen the spare wheel holder on the rear lid yet – cool! Somehow looks like inspired by the T3 syncros, but is probably also original for the Brazilian buses.

2015-02-02 20.42.31

2015-02-02 20.43.35

Sage Green Summer Ad

8 06 2014

Almost a bit too much hippie kombi kitsch in one advert – sage green late bay campervan, surf board and man playing guitar. Not sure why there is a shark in the pond. But nice to see random kombi pictures here and there. And probably interesting to look back at this photo in a couple of years and ponder how cheap petrol was in 2014: Super/premium for 1,509 Euro per liter (about 2,20 AU$ per liter or 7,80 US$ per gallone).



New VW Transporter Commercial

6 06 2014

Link to a new German Volkswagen commercial that popped up on TV this evening: “Most vehicles are being used. But there is one that is being loved, for more than 60 years now.” Oh so true!

Screenshot of the Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles web site (

Screenshot of the Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles web site (

Official Kombi Farewell Video

12 04 2014

This beautiful video is doing the rounds at the moment. Looks like part of an official farewell campaign from Volkswagen Do Brasil, and comes in a Spanish version as well. Also featured on the Viva Westfalia blog. When you look on YouTube there seems to be a whole series of personal farewell videos from Brasilian kombi drivers in the same Volkswagen Do Brasil format, like this one from a food van owner. Thanks to Markus for sending the link!

Geelong Brewery Single Cabin

1 04 2014

Here comes Milo – a single cabin truck from the new Geelong outstation of the Western Australian Little Creatures brewery. Many thanks to Jodi and Campbell for the beautiful photos! Milo is probably from pre-1960. The indicators at the front (introduced in 1960) look as if added later. The original semaphore openings next to the door handles have been re-used for additional side indicators. Someone also built a new rear bumper bar, and a metal rail to replace the side walls of the cargo bay. The color could be velvet green (L512). Little Creatures seems to have a theme going here: There is a red-and-white split-window single cabin on the title photo of their Melbourne Brewery web page. Same metal bars as cargo bay doors. Post-1960 model with bullet indicators. Cool idea – I like the beer already! We will be back to Geelong to visit friends and family in about a week, after two long years in Germany. We are looking forward to seeing you all again!





The Story of VIN 903847

29 03 2014

This film is just amazing. The story of a young man who travelled around the world three times, alone, in the 1950ies and 60ies, in a Volkswagen beetle. Actually rebuilt into a very basic campervan. And the car still exists, and the old gentleman is reunited with it in 2013. Brilliant. And told in a beautiful, very touching way. Absolutely brilliant. Thanks to ZeroToSixty for sharing it!

Zero to Sixty . . .Eventually

I came across an article last month which linked to a short documentary produced by Red Urban and Volkswagen Canada.  This film struck a chord with me because it illustrates many of the facets of the car/owner relationship that bind owners of Volkswagens not only to their cars but also to a larger community.  The tale is really comprised of two fantastic stories, the first (both in terms of time and order told) chronicles a man, his 1955 beetle, and their extraordinary travels around the world (in itself a description which captured my attention).  The second story is about another man reuniting the first man with his old four-wheeled friend decades after they parted ways.  Now that is just plain cool! Without a doubt, the web is plastered with great reunification and

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Kombi and Cooking with Jamie!

22 02 2014

Over the years we, as a family, have fallen completely in love with Jamie Oliver’s cooking shows. Up to the point where now our two-and-a-half-year-old brings DrJ’s tablet and yells either “Peppa Pig!” or “Jamie, Jamie!”. Jamie in turn seems to have fallen in love with old kombis. Below is the link to the first part of a four-episode Youtube series, “Jamie Cooks Summer”. Throughout all four episodes, an orange-and-white Brazilian bay window campervan gives the beautiful background for summer camping cooking. Towards the end of part-1 and in part-3 a sage green late bay has some brief appearances.

In 2005 Jamie travelled Italy on a cooking pilgrimage and cooked everywhere with the locals. He did that trip in a beautiful blue-and-white early split window samba bus with a matching trailor, made from the lower rear end of a Bay window bus. When I stumbled over the book of this trip, Jamie’s Italy, I had to buy it, if only for the photo of this bus trailor combination. But it is actually also a beautifully written and illustrated cook book, and I have cooked his lasagne recipe many times.

Photo of one of the introduction pages of the cook book "Jamie's italy".

Photo of one of the introduction pages of the cook book “Jamie’s Italy”.

Jamie Oliver's cook book "Jamie's Italy" (Pinguin Books, 2005).

Jamie Oliver’s cook book “Jamie’s Italy” (Pinguin Books, 2005).

P.S.: It seems that various technical problems with the splittie on the long way through Italy and Europe broke his love for this kombi, but as a kombi enthusiast that sounds unlikely to me and I will ignore these rumors. Instead, I will add a link to a cool TopGear Youtube video where the Stig races Jamie’s splittie while Jamie tries to make a salad in the back (the part on the kombi starts at 3:30 min).

The last bus finds a home

2 02 2014

Australian Kombi Commercial

30 01 2014

Another nice kombi commercial, this time with a beautiful Australian surfer bus. The earl bays do grow on me. Just this little bit more of a classic car than the late bays. Below a snapshot and the YouTube video. Thanks to Tony for the link!