Sage Green Summer Ad

8 06 2014

Almost a bit too much hippie kombi kitsch in one advert – sage green late bay campervan, surf board and man playing guitar. Not sure why there is a shark in the pond. But nice to see random kombi pictures here and there. And probably interesting to look back at this photo in a couple of years and ponder how cheap petrol was in 2014: Super/premium for 1,509 Euro per liter (about 2,20 AU$ per liter or 7,80 US$ per gallone).



Beautiful VW Campervan Ad

28 01 2014

Stumbled over this beautiful new VW ad some days ago. Nicely playing with the glorious past to promote the latest model, the T5 California. I guess it’s from around 2012. For a very informative review on the many pluses and few cons of the California, have a look at this post by Wild About Scotland.

Até amanhã ?

31 12 2013


Re-blog of a great blog post. Brilliant summary, with a fantastic VW unlaunch ad, “unintroducing the Volkswagen Bus…”

Wild about Scotland


[Note: Até amanhã ? = ‘See you tomorrow?’ in Portuguese]

This month the last newly-produced T2 Volkswagen bus is due to roll off the production in Brazil.  It’s the end of an era having been in continuous production for 64 years with 3.5 million sold around the world.  Whether you know it as a camper, bus, kombi or van, it’s a vehicle that has stood the test of time.  It’s cheeky looks, durability, flexibility and simple mechanics mean that they just keep on going … and going …. and going.

The demise of the Bay window T2 bus has been shrouded in some mystery for the last fortnight, however.  VW’s decision to cease production is in response to new regulations requiring ABS brakes and airbags to be fitted to all new vehicles in Brazil.  But the recent suggestion by Brazil’s Finance Minister that the VW bus might be exempt, given that it’s…

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The Lego Campervan – For Real Men Only

22 09 2012

Nice ad campaign in the German media: Lego advertises its Volkswagen campervan model and a model of the Mercedes Unimog truck and of StarWars’ R2-D2, all under the headline of products “for men”. The ad starts with “Only Original Parts. Thousands of them”, and then goes on: “Show that you have it in you. Thousands of parts will push you to your limits (…). Accept the challenge.” Nicely ironic. They also have set up a web site for the campaign ( Line from that page: “Men don’t have hobbies, they have a task.” Find more photos of the Lego kombi, links to the Lego web shop and to a video of the assembly of this model in this collection of Lego-related posts.

Screenshot from the Lego web page “”.