Ebay Treasures

8 05 2014

I am already back in Berlin while DrJ and WonderDaughter enjoy an extra-week of holidays in Australia. Home alone with time to unpack a recent Ebay “win”: A set of bus models in scale “HO” (1:87), produced by BREKINA and titled “20 years of VW-transporter T2”. It commemorates the twentieth anniversary of the end of the production of the bay window bus in Hanover, Germany, so should be from 1999.


All six buses are late bay windows (or T2bs) and all appear to come in original Volkswagen bus colors, though all with different body versions: The humble panel van in neptun blue (L50K), a microbus in red-beige two-color scheme (could be panama brown, L12A), a Westfalia camper in dakota beige (L13A), a single cabin pick-up truck in sage green (L63H), a high-roof ice cream van and a red fire truck from the “Volkswagenwerk AG Wolfsburg”. Arent’ they beautiful? It took me quite some time of fiddling around with the macro setting of my happy-snappy to get the depth-of-field ok-ish. Hope you appreciate the effort!