Melbourne Late Bay Campervan

29 04 2014

Photos taken last week during a visit to Melbourne. The color is probably marino yellow (VW color code E6E6). Not sure what kind of camper conversion this is, but she looked truly beautiful.



1977 Australian Sopru Campervan

27 04 2014

Here comes a VW campervan conversion I haven’t seen before: Spotted at last weekend’s National VW Club Bug-In in Geelong, Australia, this one is from a company called Sopru from Adelaide in South Australia. The owner told me they still existed and that at the time they were one of the campervan converters officially approved by Volkswagen. This one comes with the less usual automatic gear box and the 2L CJ engine. The pop-up roof looks like a Devon conversion, but differs in detail. Kitchen set-up with fridge and cooker behind the passenger seat, similar to the Westfalia Helsinki set-up (here is a web site with more photos of the interior of a similar 1972 Sopru conversion). Aussie roo bar with spare wheel at the front, and a rain water drain tube attached to the roof rack, as practical solution for tent poles etc. Cool “VW Campmobile” label at the rear lid, and 1970ies color strip along the sides, probably both from the original Sopru conversion. What a great campervan!

PS: Thanks to Earth Jive for setting me on the right track with Sopru, not Sapru! Had that wrong in the first version of this post.












Australian Kombi Commercial

30 01 2014

Another nice kombi commercial, this time with a beautiful Australian surfer bus. The earl bays do grow on me. Just this little bit more of a classic car than the late bays. Below a snapshot and the YouTube video. Thanks to Tony for the link!


A Kombi Pavlova!

25 08 2013

Look what I just got as a birthday present! A kombi Pavlowa in Taiga Lily’s colors! Thanks to my wonderful wife for this fantastic surprise.


Melbourne Coffee and Juice Van

19 08 2013

Week of the Early Bays – here comes a coffee and juice van spotted at the arts center in Melbourne. Looks like a single cab pickup truck with the food van unit built on the cargo platform. Big thanks to our local correspondent Campbell for the photos!




VW Bus T-Shirts, part 9

19 04 2012

Here is another kombi T-shirt. Got this one as a christmas present from friends when we stayed with DrJ’s family in Australia in 2006. Company name on the label (and on the number plate on the front bumber) is BAEK, but I cannot find them on the net, so no link to a supplier. A split-window bus with bullet indicators. Interesting that the word Kombi is trademarked. Wonder who holds these rights? Thanks again to Danielle and Rene for the present!

Beautifully Restored Sydney Kombi

28 02 2012

A beautifully restored T2b bus spotted a few days ago in Sydney. The color scheme looks like our Taiga Lily, taiga green and creme white. Unusual variation on the front: White around the head lights and air inlets. Note the minature model of a T2a kombi on the dashboard, with the same unusual paint job at the front. Thanks to Adrian for the photos!