Now we are four!

23 05 2015

Long time without a blog post. We had some interesting times over here. It started with me catching the measles back in mid-April. That was actually quite frightening. But things then changed from very bad to very good when two weeks ago our second baby-daughter was born! Which makes Wonder Daughter, our three-and-a-half year old, now officially The Big Sister. The first ride of our little one, from the hospital to our home, was in our kombi, together with her mum and sister. Gosh was I driving carefully, with my three ladies in the back. All is good now, we are enjoying a month of joint parental leave and are slowly getting used again to life around a new-born. And we are looking forward to going to Australia later this year for three or four months, to meet the family over there. Hurray for German parental leave laws!

PS: The child seats in the back require three-point safety belts. Our 1976 microbus did not have any belts in the back, but it came already with factory-built in attachment points. I bought the belts from Just Kampers (JK Part Number J10652). Here is a link to the posts on the installation. Each belt came with a 40-cm-extension (photo below) which was not required when using the belts with the original back bench of our VW microbus/window bus. However, I later replaced the original back bench with a rock-and-roll bed which is positioned about 10-20 cm further forward than the original bench. With this set-up, the belts are too short and the extension is required. In my case, even with the extension the belts are only just about long enough, but it works.