Brazilian Bay advertising for Ireland

2 02 2015

Just found this on German television: The Irish tourist authorities ( advertise Ireland’s 2500 km of Atlantic coast with a beautiful blue and white late bay campervan. Which is in fact a Brazilian T2c late bay bus, see the air intakes for the water-cooler at the front and the more T1- or T2a-like front and rear bumpers. Haven’t seen the spare wheel holder on the rear lid yet – cool! Somehow looks like inspired by the T3 syncros, but is probably also original for the Brazilian buses.

2015-02-02 20.42.31

2015-02-02 20.43.35

Official Kombi Farewell Video

12 04 2014

This beautiful video is doing the rounds at the moment. Looks like part of an official farewell campaign from Volkswagen Do Brasil, and comes in a Spanish version as well. Also featured on the Viva Westfalia blog. When you look on YouTube there seems to be a whole series of personal farewell videos from Brasilian kombi drivers in the same Volkswagen Do Brasil format, like this one from a food van owner. Thanks to Markus for sending the link!

They still make them

21 11 2011

T2 VW buses were produced in Germany from 1967 to 1979. Taiga Lily is a 1976 model, the Old Lady is from 1978. Volkswagen then moved the factory to Brazil where the same buses are still being made up to this day. Some years ago, the environmental requirements for new cars were tightened in Germany (Euro-5) and these Brazil kombis could not be imported and registered in Germany anymore. According to a note in a German car mag, a dutch importer ( now has found a loop hole. They import new Brazil buses, register them first in the UK where this is apparently still possible, and can then legally sell them in Germany as “used” cars. Not really the same as an original old T2, with a slightly modified roof line & doors, pre-1972 bumpers on a post-1972 body, and plastic side mirrors. But hey, they still look brilliant and you can probably keep the rust easier in check than with the really old ones.


Taken from "Auto, Motor und Sport", no. 25, 17.11.2011

These Brazilian VW buses have been available in the UK for about ten years already. If I remember correctly, I saw ads for them already in about 2000, in the monthly newsletter of the British Type Two Owner’s Club. Here is a 2011 ad from the UK – thanks to DrS for the snapshot!

UK ad for Brazilian T2 campers from 2011

Kombis as food vans

14 09 2011

Project Taiga Lily is on-hold as project birth-of-our-first-daughter started 10 days early and is now in full swing. Here is something to bridge the gap: My sources in Barcelona report on an article in today’ issue of the newspaper Vanguardia. The article is about a T2 food van caravan on the fair Feria Mistura de Lima in Peru.
PS, added January 2012: This is an interesting bus: Most likely a T2 built not too long ago in Brazil. These more modern T2s are also called T2c, and differ from the T2a (1967-1972) and T2b (1972-1979) in a number of details, like here the more modern plastic wing mirror and the air intake vents in the back (which are actually still in the position as they were with the much older T1s). These T2c buses are still being build in Brazil and even imported to Europe, see the blog entry from November 21, 2011 (click here).