“My Kombi-Bus-Book”

28 02 2017

Here is a children’s book which wonder-daughter got as a present when she turned two (thanks, uncle Matti!). And which  we now re-discovered as her little sister is soon turning two: “Mein BulliBusBuch” (German for “My Kombi-Bus-Book”) by Birte Mueller, a beautifully illustrated short story of seven friends hoping on a bus one after another for a short road trip. The friends are all animals, so you can add the animal sounds when you read it to your child. The van is a split-window T1 bus (interestingly in a T2 color-combination, marino-yellow and creme white) where on each page one of the doors can be opened to look for the animals already inside. Just beautiful! There seems to be no English version yet when I checked on Amazon. The German version has the ISBN number 978-3-551-16840-5. Interestingly it also comes with the explicit approval of Volkswagen AG, probably to use the word “Bulli” in its title, for which Volkswagen owns the name (long story, check out this older blog post if interested).