Early Bay Brewery Van

1 03 2014

Stumbled over this kombi a few days ago here in Berlin. Interesting background story: The “Wulle Bier” brewery started in the 1860ies in Stuttgart in South Germany and stayed independent till the 1970ies (more background, though only in German, in this Wikipedia entry). In the sixties and seventies they apparently used Volkswagen panel vans to deliver their beer to the pubs. Now the brand has been reanimated and they pick up the kombi delivery tradtion – they bought a fleet of bay window panel vans and printed their 1970ies slogan “Wir wollen Wulle” (We want Wulle) on the sides. According to a type plate on the inside of the driver’s door, this one started its life in 1970 as a fire truck, made by fire truck maker Albert Ziegler AG. So the red paint job is probably the original one. Very nice PR move of this brewery – I immediately like the beer!