Melbourne Coffee and Juice Van

19 08 2013

Week of the Early Bays – here comes a coffee and juice van spotted at the arts center in Melbourne. Looks like a single cab pickup truck with the food van unit built on the cargo platform. Big thanks to our local correspondent Campbell for the photos!




Two Late Bay Crew Cabs

24 01 2013

Here are some photos of two Late Bay double cabins. The first one is from Geelong, Australia, photos taken in 2012. Painted in a cool matt black, including front and back bumpers and rims around the headlights. Boards around the cargo bay removed and cargo area covered with a wooden deck. Wheels could be Porsche Fuchs wheels. Not the most practical van but a very cool looking one.
The other one is from Hamburg, photos from 2005. Except for the improvised paintings, it is probably relatively close to original condition, just a bit run down. Color could be ivory white (color code L567). This paint was used for vehicles of rescue services like the German Red Cross. Perhaps this van started his life as a transporter with one of them. I guess the metal frame on the cargo area in the back may be original and may have been covered by tarps on each side. Now replaced with wooden panels so that the cargo space is more solidly covered. Nice sticker from a VW bus garage in Hamburg which actually still exists (VW Bus Service Mamèro).








San Francisco Rat Look

1 12 2012

Last day of a five day visit to San Francisco and this single-cab stops right in front of me. Someone taking the rat look very seriously. Cool bus.

San Francisco Single Cab

Beautiful Late Bay Single Cab

7 10 2012

These snapshots of a sage green single cab pickup truck were taken some days ago on a sunny late summer day in Berlin. Seems to feature the 70 H.P./2.0L engine (exhaust on the right) and came with a temporary license plate, so probably on the way to a new owner. Production of the late bays started in 1972, but the color (in German Taiga Grün, color code L63H) apparently was introduced in 1976 only. So if it’s the original color, this van should be from between 1976 and 1979. Thanks for the photos, Matti!

T1 Double Cab in Queenstown, NZ

17 02 2012

Here is something unusual: A 1963 Volkswagen T1 double cab featuring as a sales table, but also on sale itself. Seen at Select Actionsports, a shop in Queenstown. Cool rat look, with Porsche Fuchs wheels and many customizations. According to the brief summary (photo below), it is called Lionel, was restored in the eighties by the Bus Boys and is meant to be ready to drive. For a friendly NZ$ 49.990 (approx. € 35.000), this bus could be yours!

Australian Surfer Single Cab

5 01 2012

Here is a single cab we saw some days ago on the steep access road to one of the beaches in Gippsland, Australia. A T2a VW bus, so from between 1967 and 1972. Nice to see these buses still in use.

Back to Australia!

15 12 2011

OK, we are back to Australia for a week already and I haven’t really mentioned that here on the blog. We have escaped the gray and cold Berlin winter and will spend three months in the summer in Australia and New Zealand. Visiting family and friends while being on parental leave.
Cool thing about Australia: Much more kombis on the roads than in Germany. Here is a late T2b spotted today in downtown Geelong. In German this would be a “Doka” (“Doppelkabine” or Double cabin) or a “Pritschenwagen” (pick-up truck). Not sure how this variant is called here in Australia. A bit of a rat look going on here.

Doka spotted in Geelong Australia