Brillant Land Rover Camper

10 10 2013

Not a Volkswagen kombi, but what a fantastic camper truck! A Land Rover Defender in full battle gear, with snorkel, winch at the front, heavy duty roof rack with a large roof box, awning from Foxwing (see also here) on the left side, and what looks like slightly larger than standard all-terrain wheels and elevated chassis. Saw it just around the corner here in Berlin. The owner came by and let me take a look inside: Self-built campervan conversion in birch wood multiplex plates in the back, with a kitchen unit with sink and cooker (methylated spirit), a fold up roof with hydraulic lifting mechanism, a rock and roll back bench/bed (actually the same hinge mechanism that I fitted into Taiga Lily). With space for two people to sleep on the folded out rock and roll bench and for another two above, in the folded up roof. Wonderfully executed in every detail. You can see the cover for the back door, done in aluminum, with fold down wooden table and with holders for a thermos can and a Maglite, beautifully cut out of multiplex. What a brilliant car!





Berlin Westfalia Bus

9 09 2012

We have driven past this bus in our neighborhood on a weekly basis over the last couple of years. Now I finally used a walk with our baby-daughter and pushed the pram over to take some pictures. Turns out it’s not the standard Westfalia campervan I always assumed it to be, but an eight-seater with two original VW benches in the back. So no obvious camping furniture, but a Westfalia fold-up roof. It comes with sliding doors on both sides which is probably pretty rare. The color scheme should be brilliant orange (L20B) and pastel white (L90D). The boxed-in front spare wheel and the extended front bumper are probably also from Westfalia. In some of the German states this box is obligatory to get the front wheel accepted by the technical surveillance authorities (TÜV). In others you get away without the box. When I added the front wheel to the Old Lady in 1999, my “box-free” front holder was rejected in Baden-Wuertemberg and Hessen but went through in Nordrhein-Westfalen.
From close up the bus shows a lot of wear and tear. But it’s good to see it is still in use and on the road!

Kombis in the sun

4 09 2011

I had to move out of the hall where the two buses have been in temporary storage for the last 8 months. Still have not found a new place, so the two are currently sitting in a backyard. Luckily the weather is finally a bit more summery here in Berlin.
We bought a second-hand Westfalia roof some three years ago, but I have never come around to build it onto the old bus. Just to get it out of the way and have it stored safely, I finally placed it on top of the old bus. And suddenly she looks like a full blown camper van. Admittedly like a quite filthy one, but still. I think I will keep the roof and build it in in a couple of years, when I hopefully come around to make up that bus again.