Geelong Sleeping Beauty

17 05 2016

Here is a late bay window kombi we saw last November somewhere in suburbia in Geelong, Australia. It is a Sopru campervan which may have started its life in yellow and was then re-sprayed in light green. Sopru pop-up roof and Sopru roo bars at the front. Front wall panels and bench matrasses in the rear newly upholstered at some point. Furniture in there rear looks a bit self-built, but then I do not know the Sopru conversions in detail. Another customer of “V-Dubs Only“. Looks like put away and waiting for the next holiday season. Hope it has a lot of holiday trips ahead!





VolksAir, a Geelong-based VW Garage

12 01 2016

Three weeks ago I had a chance to visit VolksAir, a garage specialised on air-cooled Volkswagens in North Geelong, where a wrecked blue-and-white kombi at the entrance shows the way. For those interested, I will add the address and telephon number in the VW garage list above. It is always exciting to enter a workshop filled with kombis, and it was great chatting with the owner, Frank, who has been a kombi mechanic and fan for decades. I had already visited this garage during our last visit to Australia in April 2014, so below are some photos from December 2015 (with a blue and white Sopru camper on the left) and two snapshots from April 2014 (with two campers and a highroof kombi). The yellow Sopru camper is from 1975 and there are some more photos of it in this older blog post. Thanks to Frank for taking the time to show me around!




Marino Yellow Geelong Campervan

17 12 2015

Here is a late bay Volkswagen campervan spotted some weeks ago in Geelong. It comes with a massive, more modern looking roo bar at the front which includes the front bumper and replaces the original one. The color is probably Marino Yellow and Creme White (more buses with this beautiful color scheme here). No pop-up roof, but with a door for a gas bottle and with ventilation slits for a fridge on the side. Peeping  in the drivers cabin showed it comes with an automatic gearbox, an additional oil temperature gauge under the instrument unit and it was originally delivered as a deluxe or L bus (airvent channels along the front doors and seats with the respective basket weave pattern). Cool bus!



Kombi Spotting: The Next Generation

9 12 2015

When the four-year-old has become a better VW bus spotter than the parents: Casual comment from the backseat while we were waiting at a traffic light in Geelong, “Look, there is an orange Bulli over there.” And there it was, hidden from our view by other cars, and spotted early enough for daddy to take a snapshot. Very proud of my big girl!

P.S. Beautiful Aussie campervan with pop-up roof, small front roof rack, windscreen visor and the full roo bar set-up with front spare tire. But not sure from which campervan conversion company. Looks different from the Sunliners and Dormobiles I have seen so far, but this type is also quite common down here.

P.S.S. It is a Sopru! Thanks to Bevan and Inheritanceorg for pointing this out. I had learnt about Soprus 18 months ago, see the beautiful Sopru campervan in this older post, but did not make the connection.


Beautiful Geelong VW Bus

6 12 2015

Super clean and shiny late bay window kombi spotted some weeks ago on the water front in Geelong, Australia. Someone has invested quite some time and money, but in a subtle way. The paint job may be new and could be Bahama Blue Metallic, VW color code L99F, which would date it to 1978 (see this Australian colors summary). Overall a very original look, but in detail refined with Fuchs wheels, front indicators colorless instead of yellow, non-stock exhaust system, and new sliding windows on all four side windows in the back. The windows come without the aluminum or chrome rim of the seventies originals, so are probably the new ones one can still get, produced for Volkswagen do Brasil. It has a Victorian Club permit registration (see also this older post). What a beautiful VW bus!



Our new residence

1 12 2015

This is our home for our second month in Geelong. Thanks to the family here for letting us use their beautiful caravan! And for enduring the German invasion of their house for the first four weeks of our stay.


1975 Geelong Late Bay Kombi

13 11 2015

Here is a 1975 Volkswagen microbus, spotted a few days ago in Geelong. Color is probably Flipper Blue (CLR529), one of the Australian-specific colors. Chrome trim line along the sides, front lights with after-market eye lids. Interesting that the front seats are with head rests but the back bench is without. Otherwise a no-frills minibus. The registration sticker says it comes with an AP engine (1.8L, 51 kW/68 HP). Blind front indicator glasses probably tell from a long life in the Australian sun. Keep on driving!