The Story of VIN 903847

29 03 2014

This film is just amazing. The story of a young man who travelled around the world three times, alone, in the 1950ies and 60ies, in a Volkswagen beetle. Actually rebuilt into a very basic campervan. And the car still exists, and the old gentleman is reunited with it in 2013. Brilliant. And told in a beautiful, very touching way. Absolutely brilliant. Thanks to ZeroToSixty for sharing it!

Zero to Sixty . . .Eventually

I came across an article last month which linked to a short documentary produced by Red Urban and Volkswagen Canada.  This film struck a chord with me because it illustrates many of the facets of the car/owner relationship that bind owners of Volkswagens not only to their cars but also to a larger community.  The tale is really comprised of two fantastic stories, the first (both in terms of time and order told) chronicles a man, his 1955 beetle, and their extraordinary travels around the world (in itself a description which captured my attention).  The second story is about another man reuniting the first man with his old four-wheeled friend decades after they parted ways.  Now that is just plain cool! Without a doubt, the web is plastered with great reunification and

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Of Buses and Bugs

21 10 2013

The first one or two letters of a German number plate stand for the town the car is registered in. Then come two letters and up to four digits. These are random, but for a small fee can be chosen from what is available at that moment. So living in Berlin comes with the option and priviledge of going for a BUS number plate – highly sought after in the Berlin kombi community. I realized only a few days ago that BUG is also an option. Nice one! Also spoilt myself with a vanity plate holder I got printed for Taiga Lily. There is a happy little blogger…