Berlin Westfalia Bus

9 09 2012

We have driven past this bus in our neighborhood on a weekly basis over the last couple of years. Now I finally used a walk with our baby-daughter and pushed the pram over to take some pictures. Turns out it’s not the standard Westfalia campervan I always assumed it to be, but an eight-seater with two original VW benches in the back. So no obvious camping furniture, but a Westfalia fold-up roof. It comes with sliding doors on both sides which is probably pretty rare. The color scheme should be brilliant orange (L20B) and pastel white (L90D). The boxed-in front spare wheel and the extended front bumper are probably also from Westfalia. In some of the German states this box is obligatory to get the front wheel accepted by the technical surveillance authorities (TÜV). In others you get away without the box. When I added the front wheel to the Old Lady in 1999, my “box-free” front holder was rejected in Baden-Wuertemberg and Hessen but went through in Nordrhein-Westfalen.
From close up the bus shows a lot of wear and tear. But it’s good to see it is still in use and on the road!