Merry Christmas!

26 12 2013

Look what Santa brought our little wondergirl! Lego Duplo’s Pit Stop set featuring Fillmore, the kombi. Hope you have a great Christmas and will have a few more relaxing days!


The Lego Campervan – For Real Men Only

22 09 2012

Nice ad campaign in the German media: Lego advertises its Volkswagen campervan model and a model of the Mercedes Unimog truck and of StarWars’ R2-D2, all under the headline of products “for men”. The ad starts with “Only Original Parts. Thousands of them”, and then goes on: “Show that you have it in you. Thousands of parts will push you to your limits (…). Accept the challenge.” Nicely ironic. They also have set up a web site for the campaign ( Line from that page: “Men don’t have hobbies, they have a task.” Find more photos of the Lego kombi, links to the Lego web shop and to a video of the assembly of this model in this collection of Lego-related posts.

Screenshot from the Lego web page “”.

Lego Kombi Update No. 2

25 06 2012

This is pretty cool – found it on the VW Short Bus home page: Somebody built the Lego campervan I had mentioned in a previous post, took a snapshot of every single piece when it was put into its position, and then made a video from it. Nice!

A Lego kombi

6 11 2011

It seems Lego has just brought out a kombi model. A T1 campervan. Awesome. Thanks to DrS for the snapshot, taken at Legoland Berlin, Potsdamer Platz.


Here is a link to the lego web page. Thanks to Caro for the link!

PS: To whome it may concern: Please do not buy this for me! DrJ would kill me if there were any more VW bus models in our flat. And anyway, I would like it better if it was a T2…