Rock and Roll Bed, Part 6: Bench Cushions

7 09 2014

I finally find time to complete the story of building the rock and roll bed in the back of our kombi: The bench-bed-combination was already built in summer 2012 (complete thread here). Already a year ago, in July 2013, I made the bench and backrest covers: I bought this beautiful┬áplaided material from (part number OK60072). It comes in two different color combinations, one of them this yellow-and-green one that is pretty close to what Westfalia would have used in sage green VW buses like Taiga Lily. It is a reproduction, but very thick and stable material. Useless as curtain material which I had hoped to use it for as well, but looks very durable as bench seat cover. I measured carefully the dimensions of the different mattress pieces in an original late bay Westfalia camper (many thanks to Reini for letting me check out your camper!). The 8cm-thick-foam pieces were purchased from Weissbach in Berlin – not cheap, but we could test-sit and -lie on them, they cut them on the spot to my measurements, and they also had the zipper and the sewing machine thread for the covers. With help from DrJ I got the sewing machine running to sew the seams in the corners. Finally I tuckered the new covers onto the wooden bench and backrest. Particularly proud of how well the lines in the pattern on the seat and on the backrest cover – have a look at the photos!







My very first steps with a sewing machine - exciting!

My very first steps with a sewing machine – exciting!

Also added two fold-out feet from Reimo under the seat board for extra stability, see the fotos at the very end. No time at that moment to sew the cover for the mattress piece above the engine bay. I just cut that piece to adjust it to the asymmetric rear side walls and covered it, for the time being, with an old duvet cover. The time being lasted another year – more in the next post.