Volkswagen’s Retro Microbus to come in 2015?

26 01 2013

Rumor has it that Volkswagen’s Microbus prototype, a minivan inspired by the early Volkswagen buses, could hit the market in 2015. The photo below is from a small article in the January 17 issue of the German car magazine “Auto, Motor und Sport”. There is an older feature on their web page with lots more photos of this car (click on “Zur Bildergalerie”). I know I should not like it. It is not original, engine at wrong end of car, probably just another variant of the Golf or Polo platform. But it does look kind of cool.


The Czech Kombi Club

24 08 2012

I learnt from a car sticker on a pimped red T4 VW bus on the market square in Budweis that there is a Czech kombi club. It is called Transporter Club and can be found under I do not understand any Czech, but there are beautiful bus photos on the web page, amongst them the snapshot below, a screen shot from the site. Beautiful family photo of T1, T2a, T3, and T4! Anyway, there is also a bulletin board where kind Czech bus drivers answer in German (and probably also English) when you cannot speak the language and look for help/information in the Czech Republic. Nice Club logo, too: Silhouettes of a T1 and the “New Microbus” (in Germany at the time called the “New Bulli”) presented around 2001 as a functional T5-based prototype which later never made it to the market.

Type 2 family snapshot! (Photo taken from

Logo of the Czech VW Bus club (taken from