Chinese Split-Window

20 01 2013

I was in China most of last week. Very interesting, very cold, and with very polluted air. Bus-wise it was a big disappointment. Not a single campervan on the traffic-jammed streets and roads of Beijing. Lots of German cars, mainly Audis and Volkswagens, but all pretty new or brand new. Oldest VW models were the Santanas (Passat sedans) and Jettas from the 1980ies which were built in China much longer than in Europe. I finally got lucky in a toy shop in the Dongcheng district: A tin toy model of a split-window microbus, but with some strange “Coach” badge at the front. Perhaps just to avoid copyright discussions with Volkswagen? Seeing that there were some pretty amazing copies of German cars with Chinese badges on the streets, this may also be a model of a Chinese copy of the T1. Turned out it was not for sale, so perhaps also a collector’s piece of the shop owner.