Peppa and the Campervan, Part II

10 03 2015

Yay! Our wonder daughter got Peppa Pig and a campervan as a birthday present from Nanna in Australia! These toys have not yet made it to the shops in Germany, but Peppa Pig (German: Peppa Wutz) is already on air on the Kinder Kanal. The little bus beautifully picks up some of the design feats of the T1 split-window and T2 bay window VW buses (spare wheel on front, bi-color color scheme, friendly front with crescent-shaped line similar to the T1 “V”). The episode with Peppa and her family going camping with this campervan was featured in this older blog post (with Youtube link). Many thanks to Rhonda for thinking of us and our little big girl!



Peppa Pig and the Campervan

24 01 2014

I had never heard of Peppa Pig before our little supergirl introduced me. Very cute british cartoon that explains the world clearly understandable for a two-year-old. And there is even something in it for the kombi nerd – two episodes where Peppa and her family discover the joy of camping in a campervan. Which, only weakly disguised, turned out to be a Volkswagen bus. Girst I was a bit unsure but then the engine in the back clearly gave it away. The side ways-fold up roof would make it a dormobile campervan conversion. Below are some screenshots and the youtube links. Hope you like it as well!