San Francisco Rat Look

1 12 2012

Last day of a five day visit to San Francisco and this single-cab stops right in front of me. Someone taking the rat look very seriously. Cool bus.

San Francisco Single Cab

Cool VW Bus Pen Box

21 04 2012

I got the pen box below as a birthday present some three years ago. A T1 campervan with a red and white color scheme similar to our Old Lady, made by the German company Werkhaus. Werkhaus produces toys, office articles and shop interiors made form eco-friendly paper, fiber board and rubber bands. Two weeks ago I passed by their Easter season shopping window, full of VW buses at Moritzplatz, Berlin: Seems they have now swapped my campervan design for the Samba, in five different colors. And there is also a sand-colored double cabin/pick-up bus – see all available models in detail on the Werkhaus Bulli web page. Cool stuff!

Hippie Samba

Double Cabin
(from Werkhaus web site)

Australian Surfer Single Cab

5 01 2012

Here is a single cab we saw some days ago on the steep access road to one of the beaches in Gippsland, Australia. A T2a VW bus, so from between 1967 and 1972. Nice to see these buses still in use.