Rio De Janeiro Box Truck Kombi

25 01 2015

A friend of mine just returned from a four-week-trip through South America. Here is a kombi he spotted in Rio de Janeiro. Interesting mix of very old type of car with what looks like a pretty new box truck conversion. The bull bar seems to be attached only to the front bumper. Looks a bit less stable than the roo bars in Australia which are bolted to the main frame under the van. Also note the vintage VW bug parking directly behind the truck. Thanks to kombi correspondent Horst for sending the photo!


Geelong Rat-Look Single Cab

15 02 2014

Here comes a split-window pick up truck, spotted November 2013 in Geelong, Australia, by kombi correspondent Campbell. Still with semaphores instead of indicators, so pre-1960. Does not seem to have much in terms of rear lights at all. Just realized that I actually had seen this bus already in Dec 2011, also in Geelong, at that time with a registration that said it was from 1956. Here is the link to the old post. Seems the bus has changed hands since then. Now it comes with a club permit registration. And someone replaced the original wheels with shiny chrome ones. Looks like a lot of work to get it back to rust-free condition. But then the rat-look also is pretty cool. Thanks to Campbell for the photos!





T1 Double Cab in Queenstown, NZ

17 02 2012

Here is something unusual: A 1963 Volkswagen T1 double cab featuring as a sales table, but also on sale itself. Seen at Select Actionsports, a shop in Queenstown. Cool rat look, with Porsche Fuchs wheels and many customizations. According to the brief summary (photo below), it is called Lionel, was restored in the eighties by the Bus Boys and is meant to be ready to drive. For a friendly NZ$ 49.990 (approx. € 35.000), this bus could be yours!

Cool T1 single cab

20 12 2011

Beautiful old T1 single cab spotted yesterday just around the corner of our campsite. Thanks to Adrian for the snapshot! Someone is carefully perfecting the rat-look. New wheels and hubcaps as nice contrast. And with RAT number plate. Cool. Looks like an older T1, too. I am not very good with dating T1s. But this one has no indicators yet on the front mask, and instead semaphors in the B column. According to Wikipedia, this would make it pre-1960.


Back to Australia!

15 12 2011

OK, we are back to Australia for a week already and I haven’t really mentioned that here on the blog. We have escaped the gray and cold Berlin winter and will spend three months in the summer in Australia and New Zealand. Visiting family and friends while being on parental leave.
Cool thing about Australia: Much more kombis on the roads than in Germany. Here is a late T2b spotted today in downtown Geelong. In German this would be a “Doka” (“Doppelkabine” or Double cabin) or a “Pritschenwagen” (pick-up truck). Not sure how this variant is called here in Australia. A bit of a rat look going on here.

Doka spotted in Geelong Australia