Awesome Citroen 2CV Camper

13 09 2015

Now this is a truly awesome miniature campervan: A Citroen 2CV from 1962, in a cool rat-look state, with a self-made campervan conversion which, we were told, is known in the field: The original back lid is rebuilt so that it now closes over a boot extension which allows one person to sleep in the back of the car. The additional back lid at the very end doubles as breakfast table. The owner, a young French man, was on his way back home from a holiday in Poland, together with a friend. We met them on our favourite campsite in Spreewald, south of Berlin. What a cool little car!











Geelong Rat-Look Single Cab

15 02 2014

Here comes a split-window pick up truck, spotted November 2013 in Geelong, Australia, by kombi correspondent Campbell. Still with semaphores instead of indicators, so pre-1960. Does not seem to have much in terms of rear lights at all. Just realized that I actually had seen this bus already in Dec 2011, also in Geelong, at that time with a registration that said it was from 1956. Here is the link to the old post. Seems the bus has changed hands since then. Now it comes with a club permit registration. And someone replaced the original wheels with shiny chrome ones. Looks like a lot of work to get it back to rust-free condition. But then the rat-look also is pretty cool. Thanks to Campbell for the photos!





San Francisco Rat Look

1 12 2012

Last day of a five day visit to San Francisco and this single-cab stops right in front of me. Someone taking the rat look very seriously. Cool bus.

San Francisco Single Cab

Cool Rat Look Splittie

22 11 2012

Here is a snapshot from the 60-years-of-kombi anniversary in Hannover in 2007. A split-window from England, with the paint fully sanded off and then protected with clear varnish. A pre-1960 model without indicators on the front. Looks like a Westfalia roof rack in the back, Fuchs wheels and huge bull horns on the roof. What a very cool bus!

San Diego Surfer Short Bus

10 07 2012

Here is a bus a friend spotted in May in San Diego. Looks like the middle section of a T2a has been cut out and the rest welded back together again. Massive rust at the upper front, below the windscreen, in places where they would never rust in Germany (here they die from the lower edges upwards, from the salt on the roads in the winter months). A bit of a rat look, the rusty front combined with shiny new alloy wheels. Thanks to Oliver for the photos! The bus belongs to Hodad’s burger restaurant in San Diego, and the link shows another cool shot of the bus, with its owner. For a another unusual shortened bus, check out the web site of VW Short Bus: A 1966 split-window, shortened not by the length of a sliding door of a T2 but by about half a meter, the width of one side cargo door of a T1.


Back to Australia!

15 12 2011

OK, we are back to Australia for a week already and I haven’t really mentioned that here on the blog. We have escaped the gray and cold Berlin winter and will spend three months in the summer in Australia and New Zealand. Visiting family and friends while being on parental leave.
Cool thing about Australia: Much more kombis on the roads than in Germany. Here is a late T2b spotted today in downtown Geelong. In German this would be a “Doka” (“Doppelkabine” or Double cabin) or a “Pritschenwagen” (pick-up truck). Not sure how this variant is called here in Australia. A bit of a rat look going on here.

Doka spotted in Geelong Australia