Costa Rica T1 Shorty     

1 04 2018

Hi to everyone out there! It has been a long time with no blog post. Family life with two small kids and work got the upper hand for most of last year. We are now proud parents of a school kid, and the little one is making her way through Kindergarden. Berlin had a bit of a no-real-winter-at-all. Mostly way too warm, then finally a week of minus -5-10°C, but still hardly any snow. Bit of a disappointment for the little ones. But a few days ago I received the photos below from my old friend Siegfried who is touring Costa Rica again , and they brightened up my day:  A T1 split window kombi, spotted in the small town of Sierpe. Seems to be in really beautiful condition, and looks very much like a standard European T1 to me, with slightly larger rearview mirrors, safari windows at the front and the double bumper bars that were more made for the US market. Except that someone has cut out about 50 cm of the van. The section missing is where the second of the two rear side doors would have been. The original model would have been built between 1964 (large T2-like rear door)and 1967 (start of the T2 bay windows) if it was from German production. Probably they were built longer in Mexico and Brazil, so this one could be from the seventies as well. Very nice: red-and-white T1 model on the center of the dash board. Hope you enjoy the photos!



Another Short Bus

20 12 2012

One of the toy buses of our 15-month-old wonder daughter – never too early to implant some healthy kombi fanaticism into your kids. And this one even is a windup bus, so lots of fun for daddy, too. Thanks to Uschi for the present and to Matti for the snapshot!

Short Bus

San Diego Surfer Short Bus

10 07 2012

Here is a bus a friend spotted in May in San Diego. Looks like the middle section of a T2a has been cut out and the rest welded back together again. Massive rust at the upper front, below the windscreen, in places where they would never rust in Germany (here they die from the lower edges upwards, from the salt on the roads in the winter months). A bit of a rat look, the rusty front combined with shiny new alloy wheels. Thanks to Oliver for the photos! The bus belongs to Hodad’s burger restaurant in San Diego, and the link shows another cool shot of the bus, with its owner. For a another unusual shortened bus, check out the web site of VW Short Bus: A 1966 split-window, shortened not by the length of a sliding door of a T2 but by about half a meter, the width of one side cargo door of a T1.