San Francisco Rat Look

1 12 2012

Last day of a five day visit to San Francisco and this single-cab stops right in front of me. Someone taking the rat look very seriously. Cool bus.

San Francisco Single Cab

Split-Window Tow Truck

18 10 2012

My latest flea market finding – a split window single cab in almost original condition. Of course with some wear and tear, but never welded, rust-free and with the authentic patina of years of hard playing. Seems to have been a heavy duty tow truck some long time ago, with a huge winch still in place at the rear. With bullet indicators of the post-1959 T1s and a patent application number from 1959 on the base plate. So designed in 1959 on the then brand new 1960 model of the T1. Also comes with right hand steering and is labeled “Made in Gt. Britain”. And best of it all, the color could almost be Taiga Lily’s sage green!

Beautiful Late Bay Single Cab

7 10 2012

These snapshots of a sage green single cab pickup truck were taken some days ago on a sunny late summer day in Berlin. Seems to feature the 70 H.P./2.0L engine (exhaust on the right) and came with a temporary license plate, so probably on the way to a new owner. Production of the late bays started in 1972, but the color (in German Taiga Grün, color code L63H) apparently was introduced in 1976 only. So if it’s the original color, this van should be from between 1976 and 1979. Thanks for the photos, Matti!

New Zealand in a Classic Camper

2 02 2012

After visiting family and friends in Australia for the last two months, we are still on parental leave, but will now spoil ourselves with three weeks of travelling in New Zealand. And we will do this in style in a 1975 Volkswagen campervan! We hired this beauty from Classic Campers, a campervan rental company in Silverdale just outside of Auckland. It is owned and run by Bevan and Andrea Beattie and comprises a fleet of nine kombis (one split-window, five T2as and T2bs and three T3s) and several more modern campers. Check out their web page (click here) for more information on their buses. We had a great start when we picked up our van two days ago. Andrea and Bevan welcomed us with a cup of tea, lunch and lots of information on what we can do and should not miss on our trip through New Zealand. Our bus is a T2b Devon camper conversion which comes with bedding, a fully equipped kitchen, camping chairs & table, a small annex and, last but not least, a baby capsule for our now 5-month-old daughter. Before we started out on our trip, we had a look at the other buses that were around, and at a number of current and future projects, in restoration or waiting for restoration. There are some pictures below – hope you will enjoy them!

This is Van No. 2, a 1973 T2b campervan with a customized Devon camper conversion.

Van No. 3, a 1969 T2a campervan with original Westfalia conversion.

Another view of Van No. 3, with bike carrier fitted. The last customers, a family with two small kids, rented it complete with two montain bikes and two children's bike seats.

Van No. 5, a 1975 Devon campervan and our companion for the next three weeks. More soon!

Buses under restoration (T2a in the foreground) and waiting for restoration (T1 single cab in the background).

Australian Surfer Single Cab

5 01 2012

Here is a single cab we saw some days ago on the steep access road to one of the beaches in Gippsland, Australia. A T2a VW bus, so from between 1967 and 1972. Nice to see these buses still in use.

Cool T1 single cab

20 12 2011

Beautiful old T1 single cab spotted yesterday just around the corner of our campsite. Thanks to Adrian for the snapshot! Someone is carefully perfecting the rat-look. New wheels and hubcaps as nice contrast. And with RAT number plate. Cool. Looks like an older T1, too. I am not very good with dating T1s. But this one has no indicators yet on the front mask, and instead semaphors in the B column. According to Wikipedia, this would make it pre-1960.