Happy New Year from Berlin!

31 12 2014

Two days ago the snow arrived in Berlin! Two days later, it’s mostly gone again. But we had two great winter days, with lots of pulling our 3-year-old on a sled around our block and through the nearest park. No winter pictures of our buses, so below is a beautifully snowed in T3/T25 Atlantic Vanagon from our neighborhood. Thanks for coming to my blog and following it over the last year. Wishing you all the best for the New Year!



It’s getting cold…

25 01 2014

Winter has finally arrived in Berlin. After an unusually mild winter so far, it started snowing last Wednesday. Now temperatures dropped to -13°C last night and tonight, and will go up to only -9°C tomorrow. No idea what the wind chill factor is, but it feels very cold.

Not much snow, but awfully cold...

Not much snow, but awfully cold… T4 and T5 buses in our neighborhood.

Winter Greetings from Berlin

12 12 2012

On this December day with the very special date, Berlin is covered in snow and we had a beautiful sunny day. It is already pretty cold, with temperatures below minus 4°C all day. But it was also a truly beautiful day with blue skies and the sun reflecting from a layer of fresh snow from last night. A snapshot from a bus I walked by this morning. There are more photos of this beauty in this older post from last spring.