Amazing 1955 Splittie for Sale

20 08 2016

Very cool 1955 T1 split window bus for sale in the German Facebook group “VW Busfahrer T1 bis T6“. Thought I knew the photo. Turns out it is one of mine, from this older blog post. I had seen this brilliant bus 10 years ago at the 60-Years-Of-VW-Bus Festival in Hannover. If you are willing to part from > 30.000 British Pounds, this amazing bus could be yours! Below the original photo in all its beauty.




Andorra Split-Window Fire Truck

1 09 2013

This beautiful 1960-ies T1 panel van was parked in front of the fire station in Andorra la Vella, the capital of Andorra at the French-Spanish border. The label on the door advertises the 50-year anniversary (1961-2011) of the “Bombers d’Andorra”, the fire fighters from Andorra. I guess the van may even be from 1961, so it may be in service for 52 years now. Just saw that it even has its own entry a fire fighting vehicles registry where it is listed as retired. Thanks to kombi correspondent Matti for these photos!




VW Bus T-Shirts, Part 14

10 08 2013

Here is a T-shirt I got as a souvenir from Barcelona some days ago. It’s from the Spanish label Pou Nou. Mix between an early bay and a splittie. Thanks to DrJ for the cool present!



1956 Samba with Matching Trailer

2 08 2013

I spotted this beauty last weekend at the Berlin Bus Festival and thought it deserved its own blog post. Judging from the vanity plates, the Samba bus is from 1956 and the hearse trailer from 1961. The bus is a pre-1960 23-window early Samba with semaphores in the B columns. The additional indicators on the front must have been added later, after they became available in 1960 (some snapshots of another beautiful 23-window Samba here). The trailer started its life as a hearse and has now been re-sprayed in matching colors and turned into a tow-behind bedroom. Perhaps a bit spooky to sleep in an ex-hearse. But it’s a beautiful bus-trailer combination, and you can keep the bus in its original nine-seater condition and still use it for camping.








TV Commercial Starring a Split-Window

6 03 2013

Commercial for car loans, on air on German television. Make your dream come true, get yourself a splittie! Beautiful 1960ies microbus with U.S. bumper bars. Nice understatement by Nowitzki.



Note: Link and screenshot updated in Feb 2017.


Cool Rat Look Splittie

22 11 2012

Here is a snapshot from the 60-years-of-kombi anniversary in Hannover in 2007. A split-window from England, with the paint fully sanded off and then protected with clear varnish. A pre-1960 model without indicators on the front. Looks like a Westfalia roof rack in the back, Fuchs wheels and huge bull horns on the roof. What a very cool bus!

Berlin Splittie Campervan

15 07 2012

Saw this beauty two weeks ago on a lovely summer evening in Berlin-Friedenau. Interesting color scheme – the beige almost looks like the color of an ambulance. Based on the indicators and the back lid, it should be a T1c split-window, so made between 1964 and 1967. This one also comes with the classic Westfalia wooden roof rack from the same era. Beautiful bus!

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