Holiday at the Baltic Sea

17 11 2014

We spent our autumn vacation in early September on a camp site in Born on the Darss, at the Baltic Sea. We did not stay in the kombi but booked a mobile home. Just that bit of extra space that makes life with a three-year-old more relaxing. And our wonder-daughter did turn three while we were there! Big changes happening in her life at the moment. Potti training completed, and the dummy fairy took away the last dummies/pacifiers. Our little one all of a sudden turned into a big girl! Pony riding on a local horse farm in Born also unleashed the full-blown horse fascination that young girls seem to develop at some point. One of her current plans for the future is to become a “rider of all horses”.

PS: A bit of a worry two days before the end of our holiday. Taiga Lily’s engine stopped running while we cruised through a neighboring village. Good that we did not use the car as campervan – a friendly mechanic from the ADAC (the German automobile club) arrived 45 min later and tracked it down to the ignition distributor, but did not get it running again that evening. He towed Taiga Lily to a garage in our village. Turned out the contact-breaker point in the distributor was faulty and had to be replaced.

Campsite in Born on the Darss.

Campsite in Born on the Darss.

Beach close to Prerow  on the Darss.

Beach close to Prerow on the Darss.

Beach close to Ahrenshoop.

Beach close to Ahrenshoop.

Taiga Lily getting a lift to the local garage.

Taiga Lily getting a lift to the local garage.

The broken part, contact-breaker point  (German Unterbrecherkontakt).

The perpetrator: Contact-breaker point (German Unterbrecherkontakt).

Split-Window Tow Truck

18 10 2012

My latest flea market finding – a split window single cab in almost original condition. Of course with some wear and tear, but never welded, rust-free and with the authentic patina of years of hard playing. Seems to have been a heavy duty tow truck some long time ago, with a huge winch still in place at the rear. With bullet indicators of the post-1959 T1s and a patent application number from 1959 on the base plate. So designed in 1959 on the then brand new 1960 model of the T1. Also comes with right hand steering and is labeled “Made in Gt. Britain”. And best of it all, the color could almost be Taiga Lily’s sage green!

Bus Relocation in Berlin Winter

10 12 2010

Now that the engine has been shipped to Boxer-Shop in Bavaria, I will use the time to get all the parts into the bus which were purchased since August and which need to be in before Taiga Lily will get the TÜV certificate (German road worthy certificate). So today she was transported to a new hall/workshop where I  can work on weekends on the two busses next to each other til about April. Then she should certainly be back on the road. And hopefully I will have transferred enough of the camping furniture from the old bus to the new one so that we can use her next summer for camping tours and weekends.

Off to the Garage

6 08 2010

After a week of holidays invested in cleaning and fixing the car, I will stop and the professionals will take over. Taiga Lily has an appointment at a local garage to get the engine checked and fixed and a few rusty panels cut out and renewed.  I did not managed to get the windows on the front doors back in in time, so they are just provisionarily closed with plastic.