Kombi and a Grand Design

8 09 2015

Best of both worlds: Cool house building project and an Early Bay Window VW bus popping up in the middle of this Grand Designs episode (Season 14 Episode 5 London). Over the last couple of years we have fallen deeply in love with Kevin McCloud and his Grand Designs. Cool artist couple in this episode with a good taste in cars: Nice surprise to see their early bay window around minute 28 (and another late bay popping up in the backround). Louvered window on one side and perhaps some campervan conversion/bed construction going on in the back where the doggy travels behind the driver. Walk way to the back looks a lot like Taiga Lily’s, with air out lets on both sides of the walls behind the front seats, but a handle only on the sliding door side. Passenger seat not original but safer (with a head rest), driver seat more original but without.




The Big Bad Wolf Drives a Westfalia Campervan…

18 02 2013

Today VOX aired the first episode of the Grimm series on German television: Looks like a modern take on the Grimm fairy tales and started with two episodes tonight, Little Red Riding Hood and Hansel and Gretel. The Big Bad Wolf was a friendly postman who occasionally turned into a werewolf and kidnapped little girls with red hoodies. Nick, the good guy and police man is “a Grimm”, a member of a family of monster hunters. There is also a converted good wolf, Monroe, who probably becomes Grimm’s friend later on. Nicely enough, both wolfs drive air-cooled Volkswagens: The good one a white beetle and the Bad Wolf what looked like a yellow and white Late Bay Westfalia campervan, with fold-up roof and spare tire on the front. I think I like this series already!


Screenshot “Grimm”, VOX television.