1970s Mercedes Westfalia Campervan

24 04 2015

Here comes another one of these old machines: I assume the basis of this vintage camper is also a Mercedes 206 or 207, produced between 1970 and 1977, like the one I posted yesterday. This one parked last October around the corner from our place here in Berlin. I talked a bit to the truck driver: Seems it was just purchased by a new owner and was now on its way to its new home in South Germany. In addition to the groovy 1970s color scheme this one is apparently an original Westfalia conversion of which just a handful still exist. It needs a lot of restoration, with rust present around the wheel houses and probably in many other places. But when it will be done, someone will own a quite unique campervan!







Vintage Peugeot Food Van

12 07 2013

Here is a French panel van I saw a couple of weeks ago in Berlin. l have never seen one like this before, but then we are quite far away from France. According to Wikipedia it is a Peugeot D4. The D4 and its very similar predecessor D3 were built between 1950 and 1965. This one is probably from 1959 and comes with a German classic car registration. Seems to have always been a food van, with the large fold-up window over the complete right side of the back. The interior in the back features two long stainless steel kitchen benchs with nice wooden bench tops. So still in use as a food van, nowadays with the Berlin-based company Wonderpots (“the frozen yogurt and other good stuff company”). Looks freshly renovated – almost a bit too tidy and clean. But still great to see such an old beauty in such a good condition!