It’s getting cold…

25 01 2014

Winter has finally arrived in Berlin. After an unusually mild winter so far, it started snowing last Wednesday. Now temperatures dropped to -13°C last night and tonight, and will go up to only -9°C tomorrow. No idea what the wind chill factor is, but it feels very cold.

Not much snow, but awfully cold...

Not much snow, but awfully cold… T4 and T5 buses in our neighborhood.

Peppa Pig and the Campervan

24 01 2014

I had never heard of Peppa Pig before our little supergirl introduced me. Very cute british cartoon that explains the world clearly understandable for a two-year-old. And there is even something in it for the kombi nerd – two episodes where Peppa and her family discover the joy of camping in a campervan. Which, only weakly disguised, turned out to be a Volkswagen bus. Girst I was a bit unsure but then the engine in the back clearly gave it away. The side ways-fold up roof would make it a dormobile campervan conversion. Below are some screenshots and the youtube links. Hope you like it as well!



Tatra Mountains, 1972

1 05 2013

Look what I found! I stumbled over my own baby photo album when I unpacked our moving boxes and found this photo. Skiing holiday in the Tatra mountains in Slovakia (at the time Czechoslovakia). Probably taken in 1972 when I was about three years old. It could be that my uncle, the gentleman on the left, carries me in the backpack, but I am not sure. My parents borrowed the van from a friend in my hometown Marburg. It’s an early bay/T2a which in 1972 must have been almost brand new. No further details visible under all the snow, except perhaps for the plaid curtains which could be one of the Westfalia materials. I actually have some very early childhood memories of this trip. Mainly that on the way back to Germany a stone shattered the windscreen and we had to ride a long distance in below zero temperatures, tightly wrapped up in blankets.
This will be the last winter post for this year. Spring has finally hit Berlin with full swing and I will free Taiga Lily from her winter garage tomorrow. More soon!


VW Bus T-Shirts No. 12

22 02 2013

I got this unusual one from my wive in about 2004. Pretty cool. Thanks, DrJ!

(PS: Link to the complete Kombi T-shirt thread.)



The Big Bad Wolf Drives a Westfalia Campervan…

18 02 2013

Today VOX aired the first episode of the Grimm series on German television: Looks like a modern take on the Grimm fairy tales and started with two episodes tonight, Little Red Riding Hood and Hansel and Gretel. The Big Bad Wolf was a friendly postman who occasionally turned into a werewolf and kidnapped little girls with red hoodies. Nick, the good guy and police man is “a Grimm”, a member of a family of monster hunters. There is also a converted good wolf, Monroe, who probably becomes Grimm’s friend later on. Nicely enough, both wolfs drive air-cooled Volkswagens: The good one a white beetle and the Bad Wolf what looked like a yellow and white Late Bay Westfalia campervan, with fold-up roof and spare tire on the front. I think I like this series already!


Screenshot “Grimm”, VOX television.

Hooray for the British Type Two Owner’s Club!

5 02 2013

When we toured Wales and the Southwest of England in our old kombi in about 1998, we passed a camp ground filled with VW campervans. We turned around and found out that it was one of the meetings of the British VW Type Two Owner’s Club. We were warmly welcomed, joined the meeting, had a great evening and I became a member. Membership came with a cool club sticker which was joined in 2001 by a 10-year-anniversary sticker, both proudly shown on the Old Lady’s back window ever since. I lost contact when I moved in 2001 and they lost track of my address. Should get my membership renewed before the next trip to the UK. Actually tentatively scheduled for this summer. Let’s see what happens!




Volkswagen’s Retro Microbus to come in 2015?

26 01 2013

Rumor has it that Volkswagen’s Microbus prototype, a minivan inspired by the early Volkswagen buses, could hit the market in 2015. The photo below is from a small article in the January 17 issue of the German car magazine “Auto, Motor und Sport”. There is an older feature on their web page with lots more photos of this car (click on “Zur Bildergalerie”). I know I should not like it. It is not original, engine at wrong end of car, probably just another variant of the Golf or Polo platform. But it does look kind of cool.


Happy Birthday, Wonder Daughter!

14 09 2012

Our baby-daughter turned one some days ago. Happy Birthday, my little one! One year with a campervan-crazy daddy. You spent about one month of your first year and around 5000 km in Volkswagen buses, travelling through New Zealand, Germany and the Czech Republic. A year with little sleep for us, but also lots of fun and laughter. It is wonderful that you are with us!

Kombi Cupcake!

24 08 2012

Look what I got as my birthday cake yesterday – cupcakes, including some with kombis on them! And someone even got Taiga Lily’s sage green color right. Thanks, DrJ!

The Biggest T3 – Ever!

2 08 2012

So it is out and you can download it from the Festival Web page: The aerial photograph of a T3 front, built last Saturday at the 5th Berlin VW Bus Festival from 335 Volkswagen buses! And we were part of it! Taiga Lily is where the little yellow arrow is in the left indicator, with us on the picnic blanket next to her. Someone did a brilliant job in organiszing those hundereds of buses so precisely!