1970s Mercedes Westfalia Campervan

24 04 2015

Here comes another one of these old machines: I assume the basis of this vintage camper is also a Mercedes 206 or 207, produced between 1970 and 1977, like the one I posted yesterday. This one parked last October around the corner from our place here in Berlin. I talked a bit to the truck driver: Seems it was just purchased by a new owner and was now on its way to its new home in South Germany. In addition to the groovy 1970s color scheme this one is apparently an original Westfalia conversion of which just a handful still exist. It needs a lot of restoration, with rust present around the wheel houses and probably in many other places. But when it will be done, someone will own a quite unique campervan!







Berlin Little Miss Sunshine

17 08 2013

Here is an Early Bay I saw last weekend in Berlin. Looks like a self-made campervan conversion based on a microbus. Louvered windows on both sides, bed and furniture in the back and no pop-up roof. A little bit like what Taiga Lily will be when I will finally complete the furniture. Beautifully re-upholstered seats in the front. And a great Little Miss Sunshine color scheme – makes me smile just by looking at her.





A Chevrolet Vintage Bus Inspired by the Kombi

6 04 2013

Look what I found yesterday when I dropped off the little one at kindergarten: A Greenbrier Sportswagon by Chevrolet, apparently built between 1961 and 1965. So this baby is already fifty years old! There is also a Facebook page for this car. The layout follows the Volkswagen bus of the time: Driver’s seat above the front axle, and an air-cooled engine in the rear. Though this one came with a 2,375 cc (80 h.p.) six-cylinder engine instead of the smaller four-cylinder boxer engines in the Volkswagen buses. The interior looks similarly basic as the split-window buses. Minimalist dashboard and interior. No sliding door but a double door on the passenger side. Wikipedia mentions a camper option, but this model here seems to be a microbus version. With the heat damage on the paint on the front I assume it was only recently imported from somewhere hot in the US. Also extra lights and reflectors added on the back to pass German vehicle inspection. It is now based in Berlin and registered as a historical vehicle (H registration). There are some more photos on my Flickr fotostream. Great that someone keeps this unusual vehicle alive!