VW Bus Paint Ressources

Here are some useful links to find out the names and color codes of the paint combinations originally used by Vokswagen on their buses:

Great overview on the T1 / splitwindow color combinations:

Similar overview on the original T2 / Bay Window paint codes, compiled by Rolf-Stephan Badura based on careful analysis of all the yearly Volkswagen catalogs and their color ordering options:

Another good compilation, Split Windows and Bay Windows, listed year by year:

And yet another comprehensive compilation, listed year by year (1950 – 1979) for beetles and buses, collected by Wolfsburg West from VW factory information:
http://www.wolfsburgwest.com/colors/ccfaq.cfm (follow the link at the bottom of this page).

Added July 2014: Just learnt now that the VW buses/kombis in Australia partly have their very own colors which were never sold in Germany and also have no VW color code but a Duluxe paint no. instead. Here comes a link with a long list of all the colors and Duluxe paint codes used in Australia, from the Australian Club VeeDub:

Also useful: Decode the M plate of your bus to find out the color your bus was originally delivered:

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