6th Berlin VW Bus Festival to start this Friday!

24 07 2013

Long time no blog post. Lots of kombi-related things going on and no time lately to blog about them. So let’s start with the most urgent one: The 6th Berlin VW Bus festival is going to start this Friday! Click to www.vwbus-treffen-berlin.de to learn more. Here is a link to the festival flyer. The festival will take place in Jüterbog, around 70 km south of Berlin. About 500 VW buses expected to come, the program includes a 4WD Syncro trial through a large sand pit area, quarter mile bus racing along an old airstrip, a show and shine competition and a big party on Saturday evening. Altogether just a very nice opportunity to meet a lot of bus drivers, see how other people have rebuilt their kombis, and have a good time. The photos below from the meeting two years ago look a bit cloudy and overcast, but this year the weather is predicted to be fantastic, temperatures increasing from 33°C to 37°C from Friday to Sunday. Check out the post on last years’s festival as well. Would be great to see some of you next weekend!






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